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Burn Prevention Message on national TV in Nepal

News | 19/12/2019


Dissemination is not always easy, so we are impressed with our local partners in Nepal, who featured on Nepali television sharing information on burn prevention! Kamal Phuyal, from Sagun, did a fantastic job highlighting the need for improved burn care in the country.


Nepal is one of the countries that the Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy & Research (CGBIPR) works with intensively in partnership with other organisations and as part of our NIHR grant. The CGBIPR works together with the charity Interburns in many of its international projects, which allows us to combine the research expertise of the Centre with the clinical trainings and global experience of Interburns. In Nepal we work with Sagun, a charity focused on participatory community work in Nepal. They have been involved in research surveys for us in the past, researching burn incidence and causes. With this information, the focus has shifted to programmes advocating burn prevention and first aid in the communities.

It is great to see how Sagun manages to use the media to spread the message around burn prevention and first aid. There is now a burns newsletter with stories from both patients and doctors, use of local media channels – and we saw Kamal Phuyal on national Nepali TV in November! Kamal is been indispensable in our work in Nepal, as he tirelessly works to spread the message and improve burn care in village communities and hospital wards. He was invited to talk about the work in a programme called “Hamro Kathmandu” (“Our Kathmandu”), which invites experts and activist involved in social movements. Kamal said: “As I am also involved in Burn Prevention Movement (I call it a movement rather than only a project), they invited me for the talk. I was invited to talk about burns in Nepal as I was involved (as the team leader) in burns research in 3 districts of Nepal in partnership with Interburns (and with support of NIHR). It was shot on 17 November and broadcast in the evening (6:00 to 6:30 pm) on the same day.”

Sagun has been fantastic in driving this participatory work and its outreach efforts. They are working with a wide range of stakeholders. From local health post staff and female health volunteers in the communities, to women cooperatives, schools and local authorities – adapting the trainings and outreach materials to the appropriate context time and again to get the message across and have a lasting effect.



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