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Plans developing for first implementation science course for nurses

News | 17/04/2019

We are very excited to be nearing the final stages of preparation for our first implementation and improvement science course for nurses.

We will be travelling to Malawi for the first face to face session in May, where we will bring together faculty members and participants from Malawi, Ethiopia, the UK and Kenya.

Our approach is firmly rooted in the approach of ensuring that research is driven by those who are working on the front line. The need to develop and integrate nurses into global health research has been highlighted by the ‘Nursing now’ campaign.

Our course aims to prepare and equip nurses working, within burns units across Malawi and Ethiopia, with the theoretical and practical skills to: plan, implement, monitor and communicate small scale quality and service improvement in their clinical areas. During the first week of the training the course participants will engage in sessions which cover:  the role of nurses in quality improvement, models of change and key tools used for quality improvement. Moreover, participants will be supported to develop skills in relation to literature searching, the use of online forums and presentation delivery.

The course has been designed, not only to deliver content but, to establish a mentoring system which will provide the participating nurses with virtual support to undertake a quality improvement project. Quality improvement practitioners and nurses whom have experience of planning and executing improvement programs are volunteering their time to meet with the participants via an online classroom to facilitate and supervise these projects.

We can’t wait to see some of the fantastic ideas which our participants will bring to the event, and we look forward to helping these ideas get delivered!

If you are interested in hearing more about our plans, then please keep in touch with us via twitter, and sign up to our newsletter.

Also feel free to contact the programme lead @mariabeard3


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