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International inter-sectoral meeting in Swansea to discuss future burn care action

News | 14/06/2019

The Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research has recently hosted an exciting international inter-sectoral meeting in Swansea.

On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July the CGBIPR, supported by our close partners at Interburns, hosted a meeting for stakeholders committed to improving burn care and prevention in low and middle income countries. This inaugural event was made possible by funding from the Swansea University Global Challenges Research Fund.

Changing the current global burn crisis is ambitious. A systems wide approach is needed which is why we are bringing together academics, NGO’s, professional associations, funders, policy, advocacy, patient and media representatives to create a roadmap together. We need to develop solutions, and spread those solutions where the need is greatest.


During the two-day meeting participants from different countries and continents gave their experiences in burn care and prevention work. Some of our attendees shared information on their local contexts to set the scene, and participants discussed challenges relevant to Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as specifically in conflict areas. Delegates were honoured to also hear the personal story of Claudiah Wanjiru, a Kenyan model and burn survivor.

The second day focused on group work to develop plans and priorities, and groups covered specific theme areas, for exampleNGO’s, funders & advocacy,  research and professional associations, after which these plans were all brought together to discuss a co-ordinated plan moving forward


The Centre and Interburns were delighted with the engagement of all visitors and participants, and agreed it was a most productive and valuable meeting. The scene is now set for this group of individuals to set a combined agenda for priorities in burn care and prevention. Having representatives from research centres, charities, burn survivors and burn surgeons from across the globe discussing their view on priorities and challenges in burn care and prevention created many valuable ideas. We hope many fruitful partnerships, projects and opportunities come out of this meeting, as we draw together conclusions and confirm our plan of action.

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