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Mentorship Scheme for Burn Care Improvement Launched

News | 11/09/2020

Following previous implementation training programmes, the Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy & Research and Interburns have designed another innovative way of helping those working in burn care in low-and-middle-income countries (LMIC) with a personal mentorship scheme.

Making changes for the better care of our patients can be a difficult goal to achieve for burn care professionals. Health care professionals are often overworked and have little time to work on Quality Improvement (QI) projects. This mentorship programme has been created to help health professionals make changes for the better. It is funded by the UK National institute for Health Research (NIHR) and delivered by the Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy & Research at Swansea University in partnership with Interburns.

This mentorship scheme is specifically designed for nurses and therapists (e.g. physiotherapists, nutritional therapists) who are working in burn care in LMICs. The aim is for each mentee to identify an area for improvement in their own burn unit and develop a simple, realistic project to address the problem using the principles and tools of Quality Improvement. Their mentor will guide them through the process, provide advice, feedback and support.

 Mission: The mentorship is designed to give encouragement as well as technical support to LMIC burn professionals passionate about improving burn care.

The first instalment of this innovative programme has six mentors who will support two mentees between Oct 2020 and June 2021. The mentors all have extensive experience working and training in burn care in LMICs. They also have experience in developing and delivering Quality Improvement initiatives and all have completed training in Implementation and Improvement Science.

To ensure the best personal attention for the mentees, we are only opening this initial call to selected countries, including Ghana, Palestine, India and Malawi, depending on the location and language abilities of the mentors. We are very exciting to launch this new mentoring scheme and hope it will work to improve both the research and QI capacity of burn care professionals in LMICs and improve LMIC burn care services.

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