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New online course on Implementation

News | 10/02/2021

Burns services in low-resource areas often struggle to implement change and improve standards in care. To help burn care staff to overcome this, training in quality improvement for healthcare is essential. Therefore, a new online course, developed by the Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research (CGBIPR) and Interburns, and funded by the NIHR, is now freely available.

Based on a quality improvement course for burn nurses from Malawi and Ethiopia held in 2019, the Improvement and Implementation Science Course sets out the theory and tools for quality improvement in clear and interactive steps. It covers the knowledge that healthcare staff need to take action and provides a range of tools to bring about real change. It is relevant to all staff working in burns – nurses, clinicians, dieticians and therapists – and can also be adapted to other healthcare setting.

One participant, a physiotherapist from Ghana, commented:

It helps you to be yourself within your own environment, to make practical change possible considering the limited resources that stare into the faces of the low to middle income health worker’.



The course covers what Implementation and Improvement Science is, and how it is connected to quality improvement in healthcare. It explains what ‘quality’ means in healthcare and clarifies the basics of health economics. The first section, Knowledge, introduces the participant to the main tools and concepts and also helps to understand how improvements can be made in settings with few resources. The second section, Action leads course participants through a worked example, explaining the 8 practical steps of a quality improvement project. The course also has a list of further resources, such as a project template and the related Practical Guide to Quality Improvement in Burn Care, which is full of real-life examples, challenges and successes from earlier projects.

The course is available to access for free – at

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