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Participants impress at Implementation Science Workshop

News | 28/01/2019

The last week of January saw a fantastic group of clinicians from around the globe come to Swansea University for the first Implementation and Improvement Science event, which was hosted by the Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research.

The workshop, funded as part of the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Burn Trauma, included topics such as Patient Safety, Principles of Implementation Science and Quality Improvement in Health Care Settings, the Fundamentals of Health Economics, , and Lean, Prudent and and Value Based Healthcare.

Participants took part in a range of activities, and worked incredibly hard on developing their own initiatives and proposals. They presented ideas to expert panels as part guided implementation science and quality improvement exercises.


‘Thank you for a great opportunity to learn so much in a week. I am continuing to learn more about the subject and trying to plan something locally.…….. It was a great experience’


Initial feedback was very positive, and analysis indicates that all our visitors learned a great deal from the workshop. We will be conducting a 3 month follow up to gauge the direct impact of the workshop, and we hope to refine and further develop the course for delivery again in the future.

We thank all our participants from Malawi, Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and we look forward to continuing to work together to find ways to improve burn care and prevention in Low and Middle Income Countries.

‘The thematic areas were commendably dealt with high caliber professionals & I with all my frankness harnessed tremendous knowledge  which would undoubtedly facilitate my future career.    I hope our mutual relationship shall continue in the years ahead !!!!’

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