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PhD research fieldwork started in Bangladesh

News | 01/06/2019

The data collection for our PhD research project into the risk factors of burn contracture in low and middle income countries has begun! RuthAnn Fanstone, who is working as a PhD student in the Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research, has travelled to Bangladesh to start her fieldwork.

The pilot phase of data collection took place in April 2019 at the amazing National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery, Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh. This phase of the project examines burn patients and their care for potential risk factors for burn contracture formation. Burn patients or patients admitted for contracture release were included in the study.

Contractures of the skin after burn injury affect people in low-income countries very seriously, as it often means they might not be able to work or carry out their everyday tasks as before, and they and their families are stigmatised by their local communities. In high-income countries contractures are less common as not only are burn injuries a lot less common, there is also appropriate treatment and physiotherapy available for patients to avoid or minimise contractures.

Through the analysis of the measurement and severity of contractures on real-life patients, and the mapping of their treatment and challenges, it will be possible to create recommendations on how to avoid contractures in low-income settings. The next data collection period will begin later this year.

Let’s stop burn contractures!

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