Flexible research projects enable the flexibility and ability to react rapidly to opportunities and needs that will arise throughout the course of the programme. These are short term projects that are usually 3-6 months long and are not restricted to any specific topic or methodology, as long as they fit within the overall objectives of the programme. In the current grant, there is funding for 2 years to undertake these flexible research projects.

The flexible research projects are currently composed of two work streams;


The first stream gathered contextual and background information on the epidemiology and aetiology of burns at the community level in Bo region of Sierra Leone. It also investigated community knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to burn prevention and first aid treatment of burns.


The second stream is conducting research into development of an appropriate digital strategy for disseminating training materials for health professionals on burn service provision in partner countries. The initial exploratory phase has been completed, and our next step will be to implement a pilot digital ‘Essential Burn Care’ course.

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